Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3929 - Chapter 3929: A Small Gathering

Chapter 3929 - Chapter 3929: A Small Gathering

1Chapter 3929: A Small Gathering     2

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Luo Yu glanced at him and said, “What kind of uncle are you?” Saying that, he also followed and stood up towards him, saying, “Alright, alright, you’ve been hugging for a while, let me hug, let me hug.”    

Gray Wolf dodged while holding the child, and said, “Hug what hug? I’ve only just taken over this! It hasn’t even been hugged with a hot whoop yet!” As he said that, he backed up until he seemed to bump into someone behind him.    

“Be careful, don’t fall on the Little Master.    

Leng Hua’s voice came, and at the same time, he also helped him a bit, worried that if he didn’t hold him steady, he would fall on the Little Master, but unexpectedly, when he looked into his arms, Little Yue’er’s eyes curved into a crescent moon, smiling happily.    

The monk at the side looked at the child in Gray Wolf’s arms and lightly recited, “Amitabha.”    

“Master Monk, hello again!” Gray Wolf said, turning around with the child in his arms.    

“I have a destiny with the benefactors, so I will see you again.” Monk Yijie said, standing still with his eyes downcast.    

“Master, this way please.” Leng Hua made a gesture of invitation, inviting him to take a seat this way.    

A few people walked towards the front, they saw Feng Jiu and Madam Xuanyuan MO Ze coming from not far away, seeing them, Gray Wolf grinned,    

“Master and Madam are here.”    

Monk Yijie’s gaze swept over Feng Jiu and landed on Xuanyuan MO Ze who was sitting in a wheelchair beside her, somewhat surprised that he was in a wheelchair.    

“Master, just feel free to come here, there’s no need to be formal.” Feng Jiu smiled and said, holding the child to the front, introducing, “This is my husband, Xuanyuan MO Ze, this is our pair of children.”    

“Amitabha.” The monk murmured softly with his hands together, saying, “The benefactor has a pair of children, good fortune.” Feng Jiu smiled with a beaming smile and saw Monk Yijie come to meet    

Xuanyuan MO Ze, “Yijie has met the benefactor.”    

“Master there is no need to be polite, please take your seat!” Xuanyuan MO Ze said, inviting him to take his seat.    

“Many thanks, benefactor.” The monk said, nodding slightly towards the two of them before he was guided by Leng Hua to a seat on the side.    

Feng Jiu saw that they had arranged it properly and nodded in her heart. If several tables were spliced together to sit around, then Monk Yijie would definitely not be able to eat with them at the same table, after all, there were meat dishes on the table in addition to wine, therefore, using a small food table to set up the dishes to sit on the floor would be more suitable for them.    

She glanced at Xuanyuan MO Ze beside her, and saw his body lifting up, the whole person floating up and then sitting on the ground on the soft mat with  his knees crossed. So, she also held the child and came to sit next to him.    

Seeing Gray Wolf still holding Little Yue’er and not letting go, Feng Jiu smiled and said, “Gray Wolf, holding Little Yue’er can’t be enough, put her to the side of the bamboo chair first!”    

“Come, let me do it!” Qin Xin stepped forward to take Little Yue’er and put her in the baby bamboo chair on the side, and then stepped forward to Feng Jiu’s side: “Master, Little Master give it to me!”    

“Hmm.” Feng Jiu responded and also handed her the child in her arms, adding,    

“Just push them all to my side.”    

“Yes.” Qin Xin answered and after placing the two children in the baby bamboo chair, she moved them to Feng Jiu’s side.    

“Master, this is for the two little masters to eat.” Bai Qingcheng brought the warmed goat’s milk forward.    

“Alright, all sit down and eat! Lest the food gets cold.” Feng Jiu said and signalled for them all to sit down while she first fed the two children the warmed goat’s milk.    

Xuanyuan MO Ze took a sip of clear wine before asking, “Is Master Yijie planning to travel with us?”    



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