Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3750 - Chapter 3750: Thousand Year Warm Jade

Chapter 3750 - Chapter 3750: Thousand Year Warm Jade

Chapter 3750: Thousand Year Warm Jade    

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Hearing these words, that Young Master Li’s chin lifted and a cold smile appeared on his face, “I am still here today on my father’s orders to accompany a few worldly friends on his behalf!”    

“In that case, then we can only ask Young Master Li and the others to go to the ground floor.” The middle-aged steward said, making a gesture of invitation.    

Looking at this situation, a man on the side then laughed and said, “Steward, it’s really because we still have things to discuss, how about this! You ask the guests of this elegant room to see if they can let us have this elegant room? We can give them some compensation.”    

As the middle-aged steward listened to these words, the muscles on his face twitched slightly, he didn’t even raise his eyelids to look at the man, he just narrowed his eyes and still made the gesture of please.    

A guest who could come here and be invited into the elegant room would not value those so-called compensations? He didn’t even think of this point, so he really didn’t bother to talk to him.    

Seeing that middle-aged steward as if he was asleep and didn’t move a muscle, not saying a word and not raising his eyes, the man who spoke couldn’t help but feel that he couldn’t keep his face up, his face slightly reddened, and he was about to go forward when he was pressed by the middle-aged man on the side by his shoulder.    

“Li shi nephew, in fact, today it is we who are imposing, after all, there are no more empty elegant rooms, so let’s go to the ground floor! There’s no harm in it, we came here for the sake of auctioning something, but for such an elegant room, if we make a scene, it will make things difficult for the people in the auction house.”    

The middle-aged man smiled with a kind look on his face as he looked at the middle-aged steward and laughed, “Then I’ll trouble the steward’s to make arrangements for us.”    

Hearing these words, the middle-aged steward raised his eyes towards him, before smiling and responding, “It’s something that should be done, it’s not troublesome.” With that, he said to the several people, “Gentlemen, please follow me!”    

The people inside the compartment listening to the voice outside, some people shook their heads and ignored it, there are also people low laugh threw it to the back of the head, more people show contempt, and Feng Jiu their elegant room, still quiet, because the original sitting Feng Jiu has already lie down to the soft couch up, lazy like a cat like squinting and hooking the lips and smiled.    

With the arrival of time, the auction also started, phoenix nine lying position just opposite the auction platform, therefore, when the first item was placed on the stage auction, she looked towards that thing.    

Although the distance is a little far away, but after all, it is a cultivator with not bad cultivation, divine sense lock, still will that thing to see a rough. Since there was a delivery of the thing that Leng Hua was going to auction off, she just watched and watched as the auctioneer on the stage quoted the starting price and then the sound of bidding came out from under the stage one after another.    

“Twenty-three thousand crystals.” Leng Hua opened his mouth to shout the price, his voice coming out from the window, only, while the people below couldn’t see him, he could see below.    

“Twenty-three thousand five hundred crystals!” Someone added five hundred, but the price that Leng Hua shouted out again immediately after that made the field go silent.    

“Thirty thousand crystals.” Leng Hua said, his voice travelling through the auction house.    

“Thirty thousand crystal stones once!”    

“Thirty thousand crystal stones twice!”    

“Thirty thousand crystals three times! On delivery!”    

The auctioneer’s gaze looked towards the elegant room on the first floor and smiled, “This piece of thousand year warm jade was finally obtained by the guest in elegant room number one upstairs, next, is the second item up for auction, a middle grade spirit herb of the sixth rank, the starting price is three thousand crystals, and each increase shall not be less than five hundred.”    

The auctioneer’s voice on the stage spread out, however, there were quite a few people’s gazes under the stage but they looked towards the first floor..    



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