Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

0Chapter 38: Deep into the Ground    


Misty Cloud     



Misty Cloud    

She reached out her hand to knock on it and there was no other sound other than the soft knocking she made.    

She was thinking to herself that she would not be able to hide the egg and the moment she met someone, she would definitely be found out. Those guys flying in the air were still looking for this egg and they did not look like they will be leaving anytime soon. If she carried this egg with her to go look for Guan Xi Lin, irregardless whether she would manage to reach there safely, she would be dragging him into untold danger if she was with him.    

“What to do? With this troublesome thing.” Her brows creased up as she recalled the method to seal a contract from her mind. Her eyes lit up and she immediately bit down on her finger to drip a drop of blood on the shell of the egg.    

But somehow? That drop of blood was not absorbed into the shell of the egg but had instead rolled down the side.    

She stared hard at it at said: “Isn’t it said that before beast types are born, dripping a drop of blood on them would contract them to you? Was that a hoax?” She did not give up and she squeezed out another two drops of blood to drip on it, but there was still no response.    

Finally, she had no choice but to give up.    

“Huh? What’s that noise?” She pricked up her ears and looked around, finally discovering that the faint noise seemed to be coming from below the ground.    

As expected, when she looked down and observed the ground around her, she saw a spot that some earth was being pushed up, like something underground was boring through it.    

“Burrowing Gopher? It shouldn’t be! There isn’t any Burrowing Gophers that is this big!”    

She stuffed the golden egg into her clothes before her chest and had wanted to leap off the rumbling ground and her head had just popped up and she immediately saw a middle aged man riding a sword towards her area not too far away and she instinctively backpedaled. But that one step backwards had put her foot over loose soil and her entire person lost her balance and she fell into a home below the loose soil’s surface.    


She cried out in surprise and everything suddenly turned black. Her body slid down a steep drop and the incredible speed that everything was happening at did not allow her any time to react.    

Meanwhile at the top, just after Feng Jiu had down the slide, two Burrowing Gophers stuck their heads out of the ground, and chittered a few times as they looked too their left and right. Shortly after, they once again went back to digging, to fill up the hole that had been exposed to the surface.    

Riding on his sword, the middle aged man who was searching for the source of the sound earlier looked all around, but did not see any human around nor could his detect the presence of anyone there before he frowned deeply: “Did I hear it wrongly?”    

He released his consciousness to spread over the area a few times and when he still did not find anything, he finally left the area still riding his sword.    


Underground, Feng Jiu’s cry of surprise reverberated in the tunnel as her body continued to slide down. It was completely dark and she could see nothing. She only knew that the tunnel zigzagged left and right as she slid all the way down. Midway through the unstoppable fall, her foot seemed to have kicked into something fleshy and with a shrill squeak, that soft ball of flesh had rolled down together with her.    


“Ouch! Argh!”    

She cried out in pain as her body fell forward from the momentum of the crazy slide. But she did not fall into the ground. She had fallen into the soft and fleshy thing that had been before her down that slide.    

“Ow ow! That really hurts.”    

Having slid down at such a pace all that way, the abrasions on her body could not be imagined as she felt her entire body burning up in pain. Even then, when she saw the countless pairs of eyes surrounding her staring at her as they glowed a dull green in the dim darkness, she quickly leapt up.    

“Squeak squeak.”    

“Squeak squeak squeak squeak.”    


She felt her skin crawl. Hearing the noises, they sounded like mice. But in the darkness, she could faintly see that the shape did not seem to be like the common type of rodents and they were still continuing to come surround her at that moment.    

When she realized that the hole she was in was big enough to accommodate a human while her eyes were seeing all the rodent type animals before her, her body immediately tensed up tightly.    

“Burrowing Gophers!”    

She raised a hand to feel the golden egg within her clothes at her chest to make sure it was not damaged or broken while the other hand reached down her thigh, to grip the dagger lashed on the side of her thigh in her hand…..    


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