Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

0Chapter 24: Encounter! Wolf Pack!    


Misty Cloud     



Misty Cloud    

A man was slumped there.    

To be more accurate, it was not known whether he had fainted or was dead. His entire upper body was sprawled within the running stream and as he was lying face down, his face could not be seen. But judging from the quality of the light brown clothes on his body, his family must have been quite well to do.    

The clothes around his abdominal region was a ghastly red and his head was bleeding as well. Although he was lying face down in the stream water, he was lucky as where he was sprawled over, there was a slightly larger piece of rock bulging out slightly higher than the water’s surface, which kept his face from being submerged under water. If not, even if he did not die from loss of blood, it was thought he would have drowned.    

It was because his body was lying in the stream that the blood flowing out from his head and abdomen had naturally followed the water and flowed downstream.    

She walked over and flipped the man over. She then reached out her hand to check for any signs of breathing under his nose. She found that he was still breathing and dragged the man onto the grass beside the stream.    

She examined his wounds and she took out a tiny bottle from the Cosmos Sack. She sprinkled some of the blood clotting astringent on his head wound before undoing his clothes to sprinkle the medicine on his abdominal wound as well. Next, she took a piece of clothing out from the Cosmos Sack and tore it up into looking strips to bandage up the man’s wounds.    

“You must be really blessed to have met me.”    

Looking at the unconscious man, she gave a light and easy laugh, and then felt a little surprised at herself as her brow lifted where she mumbled to herself: “When did I become so nice?”    

In order to not let the scent of blood draw in any beasts, she removed the blood stained clothes from the man and threw them into the water, letting it be carried down together with the stream. She then took another piece of clothing out from the Cosmos Sack and covered the man’s body with it.    

Seeing that it was getting rather late and there was a ready supply of fresh water, she picked up some twigs and small branches to start a fire, intending to spend the night here.    

She had thought that by being near the water, she might be able to get some fish. But after squatting beside it for a long while, she did not even manage to spot a single fish swim by and she sighed in disappointment: “Clear waters do not have fish, seems like there is some truth to that!”    

She had no choice but to reheat the leftover roast meat and tore off a piece to eat. After filling up her stomach, she sat cross legged in the lotus position and began cultivating once more.    

She was only drawing the energies into her body now. Beginners in the warrior phase start from all the way from zero. But she could sense some minute changes in her body after cultivating the mystical energy and since she had been able to feel the tangible advantages, she became highly motivated in carrying out her cultivation.    

She carried on with her cultivation for several long hours. It was not until she felt that the mystical energy that had been drawn into her body was breaching into the warrior phase’s second grade’s initial mystical boundaries that she finally blew out a long breath of relief and opened her eyes.    

The sky had turned dark and the air in the woods was getting rather chilly. Fortunately she had been able to draw some warmth from the fire before her and the mystical energy in her body could be diverted to drive out the chill.    

She turned to look at the man at the side. Seeing that the curled up figure seemed to be shivering, she reached out a hand to check and she found that inflammation of his wounds had caused his body to be running a fever.    

She thought about it for awhile and she dug through the Cosmos Sack. She finally took out another small bottle and poured out a pill into her palm to sniff at it. After ascertaining the medicine’s prescribed use and effects, she pulled down the man’s lower jaw and stuffed the pill into his mouth before pouring in some water for him to swallow together with the pill.    

She threw a few more branches into the fire and the flame burned a little stronger. But at that moment, the sounds that reached her ears from within the woods made her body froze, where she tensed up and felt a feeling of dread.    





She stood up in an instant. Hearing the howl of wolves that sounded especially chilling in the deep of night coming in from far and near, every single howl reverberating in the trees.    

Wolves are ferocious beasts that forms packs. When they appear, they would most definitely appear in a group!    


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