Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013

1Chapter 1013    0

The cultivators immediately turned paler as they heard Elder Gou Huang’s word. If this was only the beginning, then what have they been doing all this time? Could they still join the 2    


Grade God Domain in the end?     

“My word isn’t a law! I am just saying that in terms of our God Domain’s standard, you are just getting started!” Elder Gou Huang said with a smile on his face. “Everyone’s standard is a little bit different, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have a chance! Everyone has the same opportunity to join our Faction! This is just the quickest way to do so.” Elder Gou Huang explained.     

Elder Gou Huang didn’t explain it with pride as he wanted everyone to know that he meant well. Then again, Elder Gou Huang declared that after passing the 5    


Level, they could continue to the next Stage, but now Elder Gou Huang said that if they passed the 7    


Stage, they were barely on the 2    


Grade God Domain’s Level!     

“Now, the 8    


Level is about to start!” Elder Gou Huang said without saying anything else. The thick clouds of Heavenly Tribulation rumbled once again, signaling to the cultivators below that the thunder was about to strike!     

A touch of green now changed the hue of the thunder once again as the thunder was filled with Vitality Energy this time. But not like normal Vitality Energy, the Vitality Energy inside this thunder would strip the Life Energy within the cultivator’s body!     

“Now it is the Wood Energy!” Yi Tianyun said as he observed the Heavenly Tribulation. He also guessed that the next Level’s Heavenly Tribulation would be tinted with Water Energy! Clearly, the theme for this Stage, in addition to the Heavenly Tribulation, was the Five Elements! The energy from the five elements was gradually getting stronger inside the clouds, powering the Heavenly Thunder strike immensely.     

Now, the combat power that the thunder contained had risen again as it was more than 1.8 million Star Power right now. It wasn’t on a scale that an Earth Monarch should be able to handle anymore.     

Elder Gou Huang really didn’t lie at all. It wasn’t really a kind of power that would surprise the Five Elders, so it wasn’t something extraordinary for them. They weren’t being too strict from their own perspective here, as it was the standard that they had to comply with. Otherwise, they would be posing the risk of weakening their 2    


Grade God Domain later.     

“Now, will that brat still be able to withstand the thunder with his bare skin?” A lot of people began to speculate about what Yi Tianyun would do. As the power of the five elements was getting stronger, if it managed to hit his body, the thunder would definitely cause severe irreparable damage!     

“If he still tries to withstand it with his skin, your Heavenly Edict Divine Territory would lose one more cultivator!” Nine Domain Territory Lord said while laughing mockingly.     

“You don’t have to worry about that, Nine Domain Territory Lord. I believe he could judge it for himself whether he could withstand it with his bare skin or not.” Heavenly Edict Territory Lord said indifferently.     

“Did you not hear what Gou Huang was saying earlier? He doesn’t want them to be proud of what they have achieved this far! If he only withstands the thunder with his bare skin to draw people’s attention, he might have done it, but this is not the time to play around!” Nine Domain Territory Lord said while shaking his head.     

“Well, I couldn’t tell him what to do from here, so I’ll leave it to his decision. At the very least, he reached the 8    


Level. In comparison, what happened to your cultivator?” Heavenly Edict Territory Lord said indifferently.    

“Indeed, my cultivator couldn’t withstand the Heavenly Thunder for too long, but it didn’t mean that my cultivator was less skilled than yours! Still, once your cultivator that you are so proud of withstands the next thunder with his skin, he would be dead!” Nine Domain Territory Lord said mockingly.     

Everyone saw that Yi Tianyun was still not doing anything in particular to defend himself. Yi Tianyun was still meditating without care. Meanwhile, Earth Monarch Tian Qing increased the intensity of the fire that surrounded her body.     

It was an unfair comparison as Yi Tianyun didn’t have such a powerful innate flame.     

The thunder kept rumbling inside the cloud while Yi Tianyun was still meditating, ignoring everything around him.     

The thunder finally struck, and the cultivators in the arena did whatever they could to withstand it. Meanwhile, even until the last moment, Yi Tianyun didn’t seem to pull off anything noticeable to defend himself.     

The thunder struck, and the arena was covered with smoke. The observer above couldn’t help but try to see closer as they couldn’t see anything from the smoke. They especially wanted to see what happened to Yi Tianyun in this round.     

But they were immediately shocked as they saw that Yi Tianyun only received a slight bruise on his arms, but there was no other injury anywhere else.     

“What? How did he withstand it so easily?” the observer from above was shocked to see Yi Tianyun just fine. They all wondered how Yi Tianyun could withstand the thunder without receiving any damage.    

Yi Tianyun indeed felt minor damage, but it was only superficial. His defense was too high for the thunder to really injure him. Yi Tianyun has always been proud of his defensive power, and now, he could prove that he indeed had the best defensive power among everyone else in the War of Ascension.     

“This is not over yet! I believe that brat would keel over at the next Level!” Nine Domain Territory Lord shouted while gritting his teeth. He couldn’t accept Yi Tianyun passing the 8    


Level so easily like this.     

Yi TIanyun didn’t know what happened up there, but he was satisfied by the amount of Exp he got by absorbing the thunder. The last thunder was too strong for him to absorb fully, but he had already absorbed more than half of the energy inside that thunder!     

From the Exp he got in the 2    


Stage alone, Yi Tianyun had almost breakthrough to the 7    


Layer Earth Monarch Stage! He needed a little bit more Exp, but still, in this case, a little bit more was more than a billion of Exp.     

Elder Gou Huang stared at Yi Tianyun, and the other 4 elders behind him also did the same thing. They thought that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t resist the thunder with his bare skin anymore, but they were wrong once again!     

The elders couldn’t help but acknowledge Yi Tianyun’s defensive capability!     



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