Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1178: Past and Present, Love and Hate

Chapter 1178: Past and Present, Love and Hate

0Chapter 1178: Past and Present, Love and Hate    

“If it’s only a dream, then why can’t you tell me the reason why Shui Yueting killed     


Feiyun?” Feng Feiyun grabbed her shoulders, unable to stay calm.     

“How can a dream be so real? Have you never suspected that they were our previous life?     


Feiyun is identical to you while Shui Yueting is identical to me. Can these just be dreams fabricated by a top master and imprinted into our minds? I don’t think so.” She avoided his glare.     

He had the same thought as well. Why did this master choose Immemorial Divine Phoenix and Shui Yueting?     

One was a grand saint from Time Immemorial while the other was a saint in the present. The two couldn’t have possibly met, so why were they the main characters?     

Moreover, who would know about Immortal Phoenix Physique and Heart Meditation Sword Scripture?     

After pondering the matter, he asked: “The two couldn’t have met unless Shui Yueting somehow lived to the present, that’s even more impossible.”     

“I can’t tell you the reason why you were killed right now, I need more proof and once I get them, I will be the first to tell you, alright?” She said softly.     

Feiyun didn’t doubt her and stopped pressing the issue. He noticed how tightly he was holding her soft shoulders and her eyelashes up close along with the melancholic gleam in her eyes. They seemed so familiar and intimate.     

He felt something strange after realizing that she had dreams of Shui Yueting as well. It was as if Dongfang Jingyue was his wife and that they had lived together for several hundred years - talking about cultivation, watching the tides by the beach, exchanging romantic glances...     

He could grasp the moon for her while she would write love letters like a female mortal to him...     

The separation between reality and dreams became vague. The only cause for hesitation was the merciless sword thrust.     

She felt the same way, having known this matter far earlier than him. Because of this, she viewed him as her husband long ago, following him silently during his rampage after Nangong Hongyan’s death.     

She observed his rage, sadness, and despair over another woman. Once he fell to the ground, she carried him to Beastmaster Camp and asked its lord for help.     

Recently, after finding out that Grand Saint Nuwa might be a half-demon, she came to this temple to find a way for him to reach Heaven’s Emergence.     

She did whatever she could as a supportive wife. Alas, she couldn’t reveal her knowledge regarding the final dream. She felt that she owed him and must make it up to him.     

“You’re... hurting me.” She trembled and looked away, slightly blushing.     

He didn’t let go and said: “Can we just consider them as dreams? I am Feng Feiyun from the south and you’re Dongfang Jingyue of the Yin Gou Clan. We forget all of these previous memories or whatever, and I shall officially court you?”     

She clenched her sleeves, clearly happy to hear these long-awaited words. However, her eyes turned sharp and clear.     

She pushed him away and said: “This is how you trick girls? Why should I agree when you have so many women around you? In the dreams, you belong to me alone, but what about now?”     

She resembled Shui Yueting in the dreams - willful with a temper, not a weak woman willing to accept anything.     

“I understand.” Feiyun said.     

“Understand what?” She asked.     

“Who’s the bastard, the reason you’re rejecting me.” He said.     

Jingyue touched the strings of her pipa to hide her excitement. This only showed that Feiyun cared about her.     

“If you come with sincerity, then stay here for ten days. If you can do it, I might just let you know.” She left after saying that.     

“Ten days, no problem.” He smiled while watching her departing figure.     

He stuck around on this platform for seven days, looking just like a statue.     

She watched him from a distance with an occasional smile. She also played the pipa, seemingly conversing with him and telling him what’s on her mind.     

During this period, he saw the ethereal images of Grand Saint Nuwa, allowing him to learn the laws here.     

His cultivation improved drastically as if all the legends were true. Perhaps this was where the grand saint healed the heavenly dao.     

He learned her dao avatar, allowing him to duplicate her image behind him. It exuded a frightening aura.     

Today, Dongfang Jingyue came so he opened his eyes.     

“I can’t find Yun Ge.” She had a hint of worry in her eyes while wearing a white dress, looking like a lily in a lake.     

“Where did it go?” He asked.     

“I don’t know, it disappeared when you came here. Help me find it?” She asked.     

“It hasn’t been ten days though.”     

“If I can choose ten days, I can make it seven.” She smirked, seemingly making fun of him for being silly.     

“Are you going to tell me who the bastard is now?” He asked.     

“What will you do if I tell you?” She said.     

“I’m just going to warn him to be good to you. If he dares flirt with other women, I’ll personally teach him a lesson.”     

She revealed a radiant smile and rolled her eyes: “Warn yourself then.”     

He immediately understood that she was just playing with him. His emotional and mental state have been unstable recently, rendering him unable to read her.     

“I was tricked by you in my previous life and tricked again now. Looks like you have a bad habit that needs to be corrected.” He tried to act cool.     

“You have to court me successfully first before trying to change me.” She flew up into the air and entered Chaos City, appearing on a street filled with carriages and pedestrians.     

“Watch out then, I’ll have my payback.” Feiyun pursued.     

She fled with great speed, leaving behind afterimages.     

Those eligible to enter Chaos were all powerful cultivators who had trained for centuries. Alas, they were still sent flying by Feiyun and were pissed off by what seemed to be a flirting attempt.     

“Brother Feng, this is Chaos, don’t go too far.” Ximen Chuixiao opened the window of a pavilion and warned Feiyun. He thought that Feiyun was chasing after a noblewoman in broad daylight.     

Feiyun looked up and saw that Ximen Chuixiao was half-naked while embracing a beauty. He smiled: “Don’t worry about me, keep doing your thing.”     

Chuixiao hurriedly said before Feiyun could leave: “Four fairies are preparing a feast for all human geniuses. The princes and princesses from the central dynasties, successors of grottos and temples will all be there. Come if you have time.”     

“Not interested.” Feiyun only cared about Dongfang Jingyue right now, let alone these so-called “fairies”. He didn’t even remember about his mission at the conference.     

Dongfang Jingyue was fast but was still eventually caught by him.     

“Stop, stop, we’re done here. That was fun, it’s like when I chased you back then, now you got your revenge.” She begged for forgiveness and said: “Feiyun, I allow you to court me but you have to do so with sincerity.”    



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