Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1179: Pyramid Principle

Chapter 1179: Pyramid Principle

Chapter 1179: Pyramid Principle    

The Myriad Race Conference drew near so geniuses and older masters traveled to Chaos City. Demonic energies could be sensed everywhere and rightfully avoided.     

Dongfang Jingyue and Feng Feiyun sat inside a floating teahouse. The products here were special in that they helped with cultivation. This applied to pseudo-saints as well.     

They sat by a jade desk near the window and a gorgeous waitress brought them two cups of tea brimming with spirit energy.     

This was Zen Tea, an ancient type of alchemy medicine. One leaf required one million years of gestation. Each cup cost more than a billion spirit stones.     

Feiyun took a sip and felt a gentle energy coursing through his entire body. It was as if little dragons were flowing all around him, chasing away worries and helping him understand the truths of the dao.     

Jingyue sat across from him. Her white dress was as pretty as a swan. Her jet-black hair and milk-white skin, though covered by a veil, still exuded beauty and charm.     

Her pure aura attracted the attention of cultivators nearby. Some were in awe of her appearance and others felt jealous of Feiyun.     

“How do you want me to show sincerity?” He asked.     

She didn’t respond while he noticed two women entering their floor. One was a cross-dresser with a male crest tying up her hair. She waved a paper fan around like a young master.     

However, she didn’t conceal her feminine beauty. Her bosom was ample while her waist remained slender.     

The other woman was the embodiment of a fairy, looking as dignified as could be. She wore a blue veil, emanating a flawless presence.     

Who else could they be but Liu Suzi and Xuanyuan Yiyi?     

They didn’t see Feiyun and sat behind a screen. Many cultivators from Crimson and Aquamoon accompanied them along with powerful old men.     

Such a grand scene attracted everyone who started speculating about their identity.     

Dongfang Jingyue caught him and tapped the table twice. She said with a smile: “Eating from one bowl while eyeing another, be careful not to end up with nothing.”     

Feiyun stopped looking and sat up straight: “Ahem, what were we talking about? My sincerity, right?”     

Jingyue took a glance and saw demons coming over to the other side of the tea shop. She then said: “You must marry me again, the one in the dream doesn’t count. Moreover, it must be grand and publicized to the world, everyone must be there as witnesses.”     

“I don’t have a problem with that.” Feiyun said.     

“You will marry just one person, me.” Jingyue took a sip of tea while stealing glances to see his expression.     

Feiyun frowned in response: “Luofu is pregnant and our wedding has been delayed several times, I cannot abandon her. Cangyue and I are engaged as well, I can’t abandon her either. Hongyan died because of me, so I must revive her first. I do not want to marry before this...”     

Feiyun named one woman after another so Jingyue’s smile gradually disappeared.     

Although she wasn’t selfish, this didn’t mean that she would want to share her husband with others. Long Luofu had his child right now, meaning that she would have considerable authority after marriage.     

Long Cangyue was his fiancee so this was an official status as well. As for Hongyan, he was willing to turn into a bloodthirsty devil because of her. She was another strong competitor.     

She remained calm but her eyes gleamed with displeasure. She said: “So you want to marry everyone, I’ve predicted this and won’t stop you. However, there must be a ranking.”     

He heaved a sigh of relief and said: “My household doesn’t have ranking or seniority.”     

“How naive, do you think the women you like can endure with a smile? Women aren’t generous enough to share their man with others, their heart is as thin as a needle. This is especially true for powerful female cultivators, the needle becomes smaller and smaller as they grow stronger.”     

“Weak ewes might be dominated by a ram and will listen obediently, the same can’t be said about tigresses. If the tiger forces the issue, this will only make them want to push the issue. If they can’t have his affection alone, they will devour him to prevent others from getting it.”     

He started sweating after hearing this.     

“Why do emperors have three thousand beauties without worrying about being devoured by them? Strength and authority, yes, but also because he won’t personally intimidate or deal with them. He gives them different statuses so that they will compete with each other while trying to please him, he just needs to maintain the balance. The tiger has to understand this to survive.” She continued.     

Feiyun hasn’t thought about it this far. He thought that as long as he didn't abandon them and treated them well, everything would be fine.     

It turned out that this was a naive notion from a narrow perspective; he didn’t understand women.     

They were living and breathing people with strong talents and personalities - not his toys.     

“Do not think that just because your cultivation is high you will be able to control them. Since they have gotten so far with their dao, they are not afraid of trouble. They might love you but they will not be afraid of you. At worst, they’ll just leave and we’ll see what you will do then.” She said.     

“Makes sense.” Feiyun couldn’t help but agree with her logic. Even if he were to leave, they were talented enough to become rulers of their domain.     

They differed from the mortal women who often couldn’t take care of themselves once abandoned in this cruel world. If women could be more independent, they would have more freedom.     

“It is a fact.” She sighed and said: “Look at all the lords of central dynasties and territories, none of them try to claim equality for their women because if they’re equal, there will be chaos.”     

This was the pyramid law and the way of the dao. Violating it meant risking fatal consequences.     

Feiyun understood her point. For example, although Buddhism advocated equality for all, Buddha still stood at the top, followed by Bodhisattvas, Arhats, and then lower-ranking monks.     

Jingyue told him this and permitted him to have a harem. However, she wanted a certain status. If it didn’t satisfy her, it showed his insincerity.     

This gave Feiyun a headache, far more so than thinking about cultivation. Her eyes were like two sharp chisels drilling into his head.     

“Well, we’ll discuss this later.” Feiyun wanted more time to think about this so-called pyramid, especially the top position. The highest would face the most pressure. If she couldn’t handle this, the pyramid would fall on top of him.     

Jingyue wasn’t in a rush either. She said with a serious expression: “That’s fine, think about it and come find me later. You don’t have to help me find Yun Ge either, I can find him myself.”     

She left afterward and he didn’t stop her. Why would he? He didn’t have a clear position for her right now.     

Ximen Chuixiao came over from another table. He was here long ago but didn’t want to disturb the duo.     

“Brother Feng, that woman just now was incredible, whether it be her appearance or talent, not to mention her love for you. I bet that if you give her the highest position, she’ll embrace you and you can be as mischievous as you want.”     

“Just holding her hand is like the happiest thing in the world, let alone winning her heart, all men will be jealous of you. In my opinion, you don’t need anyone else but her.” The flirtatious man added, having an exceedingly high evaluation of Dongfang Jingyue.    



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