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The Two Elders Are Shocked

The Two Elders Are Shocked

0Ning Xi had struggled for a long time about whether to call or not, but in the end, she made the call.     

Due to the incident five years ago, she was actually not too fond of children, and even avoided getting close to them.     

It would only cause her to think of unhappy memories and to think of the child she had lost…     

That child had once carried her warm hopes, but also represented the dirtiest part of her past.     

For some unknown reason, Little Treasure didn’t discomfort her at all. On the contrary, the more she saw him, the more she liked him, and couldn’t help but want to be closer to him.     

It was really strange.     

"Hello… hello?" The call connected, but there was no sound.     

Ning Xi knew that it had to be Little Treasure, and she laughed lightly. "Is it Little Treasure? Sorry, Auntie just finished work and just remembered to call you."     

Little Treasure wasn’t capable of replying, so Ning Xi could only talk like she was talking to herself. With no proper topic of conversation, she had to find something to say.     

"Darling, have you eaten yet? You’re too skinny, so you have to eat a lot, okay?"     

"Children shouldn’t be picky, only then will you grow quickly. Actually, being chubby would make you even more adorable! Although right now, you are already cute enough…"     

"Oh, right, I just saw on TV that your father successfully closed a big business deal. He’s really amazing, so help me congratulate him!"     


Ten minutes later, Little Treasure put down the cellphone and took out a tablet that had not been used in a long time.     

He quickly wrote something down: Congratulations.     

Even if Little Treasure could not speak, he was very fluent in Chinese and English. He felt, though, that Chinese was bothersome to write, so for the most part, he would write in English.     

However, he had not written anything in a long, long time.     

Because he had had no desire to communicate.     

The two elders were completely shocked.     

Lu Jingli had witnessed this before, so he was rather calm about it.     

Lu Tingxiao had secretly heard what Ning Xi had said on the phone, so when he saw the word on the whiteboard, his usually frozen face displayed a rare smile as he rubbed his son’s little head. "Thanks."     

After Little Treasure had finished writing, he started to eat his dinner in a serious manner.     

He was even eating the carrots he hated most.     

The two elders remained in stunned silence.     

Their eldest son had smiled, their good grandson had written a word, their good grandson was taking the initiative to eat dinner, their good grandson was even eating carrots…     

Madam Lu finally recovered from her incredulity and immediately asked, "Jingli, what did the girl on the phone say to Little Treasure just now?"     

Master Lu’s face showed that he also wanted to know.     

Questioned by his parents, Lu Jingli slowly replied, "Nothing much. She only told Little Treasure not to be so picky with his food and to have Little Treasure pass on her congratulations to my elder brother."     

Madam Lu’s face was filled with disbelief. "That’s it?"     

Lu Jingli shrugged his shoulders. "What else would there be?"     

Master Lu’s face was full of gratitude. "One phone call from this girl can already do this much. The results are already even better than one year of working with the psychiatrist."     

"It really is!" Madam Lu was both surprised and delighted. "This lady is really not bad. Tingxiao, work hard!"     

Lu Tingxiao: "Yes."     

Madam Lu didn’t give her eldest son a second glance before turning to her youngest son. "Old Two, your brother is a piece of wood. He won’t know how to woo girls, so you have to help him, do you understand?"     

"Now you realize how useful I am!" Lu Jingli chortled. "Relax, I will definitely use my lifetime of knowledge to help my brother! But we have to make a deal that you two cannot intervene! Parents are always the easiest way to ruin relationships!"     

The two elders agreed. "We understand, we understand, we were just asking!"     

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