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The Duo Who Rushes Marriage

The Duo Who Rushes Marriage

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Inside the office, a completely flustered and exasperated Chang Li exclaimed, "Ning Xi auditioned and was cast as the second female lead!"     

"Second female lead?" Ning Xueluo creased her forehead at the information. "Wasn’t she playing some random role in an unknown movie? When did she have time to audition for the second female lead?"     

"I originally thought it was strange too, but after asking around, I found out it was after the auditions for the first female lead ended; the casting judges were leaving, and it just so happened that they ran into Ning Xi. The moment they saw her, they immediately decided she fit the role of the second female lead. They only gave her one glance and it was decided like that! No wonder you feel threatened by her, what a schemer she is! Who knows who she had to seduce to get this role!"     

There were some things Chang Li didn’t dare say. Ning Xi’s looks were her best weapon; the fact that the casting judges decided on her with just one glance was not strange at all.     

She thought back to when she had first signed Ning Xi as an artiste. She had been prepared to nurture her, but out of nowhere came Ning Xueluo.     

On one hand, a new artiste with no power or backing; on the other hand, an already famous celebrity with a strong and powerful family background. Anyone would know how to choose.     

The entertainment industry was not a place where you could survive on beauty alone.     

Ning Xueluo was displeased. "Even if she’s not the first female lead, this is still a huge production!"     

Chang Li could hear in her tone that she did not want Ning Xi to be cast in this role.     

She felt conflicted. "I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to remove her. Our company invested a lot of money into this drama, and the boss is really happy after being able to secure the first and second female leads. If there was someone from our company who could replace her, that would be fine; however, everyone else has already failed the auditions. So there’s no good reason to remove her…"     

Who knew what Ning Xueluo was thinking, but she suddenly calmed down and began filing her nails. She laughed. "Never mind. Since she wants to play the role of a fox demon, then let her! Playing a seductress who brings disaster really suits her!"     


Ning Xi soon received a phone call from Chang Li notifying her that her casting in as the second female lead was confirmed. She was also told to properly prepare for the part.     

In the movie , the first female lead was righteous, brilliant and courageous, and would help the male protagonist ascend the throne. Meanwhile, the second female lead brought calamity to the country and the people. She was treacherous and cunning, and was spurned by all. To everyone’s satisfaction, she would ultimately meet her end with the first female lead making her jump off a cliff.     

Because it was such a character, it was unsurprising that Ning Xueluo wasn’t bothered to interfere with the casting.     

Although Ning Xi had landed the role of second female lead, she still needed to complete her existing work. Today, she still had a production she needed to run to. Her role was a husband-stealing vixen, and she only needed to film the last five minutes. Under the blistering sun, she would be surrounded by angry people and beaten violently for five minutes.     

However, the reality of film was that these five minutes actually took a little over two hours to complete, because the group of actors was inexperienced. Their expressions were not in sync, so she had to be hit repeatedly.     

Returning home, Ning Xi turned on the television as she lay on the sofa, completely exhausted.     

A news broadcast was on, and then a familiar person appeared on the screen.     

Such flourishing beauty; such broad shoulders, a slim butt and long legs; such height and such an ascetic temperament… who else could it be but Little Treasure’s father, Lu Tingxiao!     

Lu Tingxiao appeared to be in the middle of a signing ceremony, and was shaking hands with several foreigners.     

The host sounded very enthusiastic when introducing the successful collaboration between Lu Corporation and the Italian DR brand; entering the European market would possibly double the company’s stock value.     

After watching for a while, Ning Xi finally realized that she had forgotten to give Little Treasure a call!     


At the Platinum Palace.     

The two elders of the Lu family had returned from overseas, and the family of five were having dinner together.     

The business deal the Lu Corporation had pursued for three years was finally sealed, making the old master very happy. He praised Lu Tingxiao very highly; even Lu Jingli got some compliments.     

After he was finished, however, he brought up the most crucial issue.     

That while work was important, his precious grandson took even more priority!     

Master Lu: "Tingxiao, work is very important but you can’t just neglect Little Treasure. Since you will be less busy in the upcoming days, spend more time with Little Treasure!"     

Madam Lu: "But if you’re really busy, then find someone to help you take care of him! Little Treasure is already so big, you should really consider finding someone!"     

Master Lu: "Your mother is right!"     

Lu Jingli gave his brother a meaningful glance. Look, our parents are starting again.     

Lu Tingxiao focused on eating dinner, not uttering a single word.     

Little Treasure held his father’s cellphone, not moving at all.     

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