Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Calabash Brothers[1]

Calabash Brothers[1]


The impact of Lu Jingli’s words was too much — it took Ning Xi a long time to digest them.


She looked down at the little bun who was clinging to her tightly. "Little Treasure, you broke all those things because you wanted to see me?"

Little Treasure nodded.

Ning Xi frowned, "Don’t you know what you did was wrong?"

Little Treasure shook his head.

Ning Xi finally understood why Lu Tingxiao was so strict. This child probably had been spoiled so much that he felt everything should go his way.

Ning Xi’s gaze turned serious. "Auntie is telling you now, what you did was not right. Only bad children act that way, so don’t be like this ever again, alright?"

Little Treasure nodded.

Lu Tingxiao’s expression was hard to describe.

Little Treasure was unruly, but if he nodded and agreed to do something, he would do it without fail.

The psychiatrists had tried everything to stop Little Treasure’s habits of using starvation as a scare tactic, locking himself in, and even breaking things, but Little Treasure had remained completely unmoved.

As for more forceful methods, the two family elders could never bear to use them, and would only persist halfway before giving in and letting their precious grandson have his way.

The influence Ning Xi had on Little Treasure was greater than he had expected. Of course, he was delighted by this.

Ning Xi scolded Little Treasure a little more before gently coaxing him into bed. "Mm, shall I sing you a song today?"

Little Treasure nodded obediently.

"Keke, what should I sing… I know! Calabash Brothers, Calabash Brothers, seven flowers on a branch, unafraid of any storm la la la la!"

Leaning against the door, Lu Jingli almost fell over. "Little Treasure is a very intelligent boy, how can he possibly like such a childish song?"

But he realized the little guy was actually listening intently. What was even more amusing was that his own brother was doing the same…

After Little Treasure finally fell asleep, Ning Xi stretched out. "I sang almost all of the children’s songs that I know…"

Lu Jingli couldn’t help but cry and laugh. "Then why did you sing children’s songs? You can sing other songs! Those kids’ songs nearly killed me!"

Ning Xi used a rubber band around her wrist to tie her hair up, and lifted her bright, phoenix-like eyes. "Other songs? Besides children’s songs, all the songs I know are inappropriate for children!"

Lu Tingxiao’s mind flashed back to when Ning Xi had sung under the moonlight.

Lu Jingli became excited after hearing this. "Hahaha really, really? What songs, sing them for me!"

Lu Tingxiao glared at him.

Lu Jingli was so scared, he immediately stood up. His brother was actually the jealous type!

"Were you nearby?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Otherwise how could she have gotten here so quickly?

"No, I was at my apartment, but I rode my motorbike over! Wasn’t it fast?" Ning Xi felt proud.

No wonder she was dressed like that.

Her outfit today was even more stunning than yesterday’s. Yesterday, she was dressed like a conservative spirit; today, she was a wild and free demoness.

"That’s very dangerous." Lu Tingxiao’s expression was full of disapproval, his gaze becoming even icier as he glanced at Lu Jingli, who had been the one to call her to come.

"Not at all, I’m very good on my motorbike!" Ning Xi waved her hands in protest, and then yawned. "Since Little Treasure is fine, I’ll be leaving then!"

Just as she was about to leave, Lu Tingxiao said, "Miss Ning, I have an audacious request."

Since she had already vented all her anger at him earlier, she was back to her normal self, and replied respectfully, "Mister Lu, please speak freely. I’ll comply if it’s within my capabilities."

The Lu family was very powerful in both respectable and underground circles. Demon King Lu was someone who could attack at a single word he didn’t like.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at his son, his gaze heavy. "What happened when the two of you were locked inside that bar storeroom traumatized Little Treasure more than I realized. Right now, it seems you are the only one who can console him, so until Little Treasure recovers, I hope that Miss Ning can live with us temporarily for that period of time."

Ning Xi froze after hearing Lu Tingxiao’s request. "Ha…? Move here and… live together?"

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