Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Her Exes Are Everywhere In The Entertainment Industry

Her Exes Are Everywhere In The Entertainment Industry


When the two elders left after dinner, Lu Jingli went to find his brother for a reward, like a dog wagging its tail. "Brother, wasn’t I great? Wasn’t I great?" 3

His brother threw something small at him.

Lu Jingli caught it with one hand. "What play thing is this?"

Looking at it properly, his eyes widened.

It was a car key. The key to the 100th anniversary Bugatti race car he had been eyeing for so long, the only one of its kind ever made!

"Oh! My beloved little darling!" Lu Jingli hugged the car key and kissed it madly. "Brother, I love you!"

Lu Tingxiao had never given in no matter how Lu Jingli had pestered his brother before. Who knew his brother would throw it right at him just for casually saying a few words in front of their parents?

That Ning Xi held a higher place in his brother’s heart than he had expected!

The more Lu Jingli thought about it, the more anxious he became. "That, big brother, are you sure it’s Ning Xi? You’re not playing and you really want to get married?"

"Married." Lu Tingxiao’s voice was firm, leaving no room for doubt or any other possibility.

Lu Jingli sighed. Since he had experience, he had to give some advice. "Then let me remind you to prepare yourself. Chasing after a woman like this is like playing a video game. There are different levels: easy mode, normal mode, difficult mode, and hell mode. And Ning Xi is definitely hell mode!

Women usually have weaknesses, but with Ning Xi, you want to use money? Even with her looks, she’s still doing so poorly in the industry, so she definitely isn’t the type to accept a financial sponsor or shady deals. You want to use love? Take a look at the lovers she had when she was overseas. Her exes are everywhere in the entertainment industry, and each and every one of them is extraordinary. When I first saw the list, I was impressed, and I’ve never been impressed by something like this before!

And if you want to get her pregnant? Don’t even bother to think that will work, she’s completely focused on her career right now, and does not want children. Even if I try for her myself, it’d be an 80% chance of a GAME OVER for me; a newbie like you would just be sacrificing yourself to give her Experience Points!"

Lu Tingxiao looked coldly at him. "100%."

Lu Jingli smirked. "Okay, okay, okay, it would 100% be GAME OVER for me, don’t sweat the small stuff, alright? The point is, I bet that Ning Xi is just like me, someone who never wants to get married or have kids. This kind of person is skeptical of relationships and love, freedom is their life. If you want to play around? That’s easy. If you want to get married? That’s really difficult!"

"That’s only because you haven’t met anyone you want to marry or have children with yet."

Lu Tingxiao’s usually frigid and cold face seemed gentle in the moonlight from the window.

Lu Jingli counted how many words his brother had said with a disbelieving face. "Ah, people who are in love really are different, even someone with no experience is giving me lessons! But what you said makes sense! So, now what? Do you need your beloved younger brother to help with anything?"

Lu Tingxiao gave him two curt words. "No need."

Lu Jingli was concerned. "What do you mean ‘no need’? Wooing girls is different from doing business. Think about it carefully. Don’t you really need a smart and handsome god-level girl-chasing coach…"

Lu Jingli was doing his best to promote himself when suddenly, the door to the study room opened with a creak.

The two brothers turned their heads to look.

Little Treasure was standing in the doorway.

Surprise flashed in Lu Tingxiao’s eyes.

"Ah, Little Treasure…" Lu Jingli was also surprised.

Little Treasure had actually left his bedroom at this hour?

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