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Little Treasure Wrecks Havoc in the Sky Palace

Little Treasure Wrecks Havoc in the Sky Palace

0Everyone knew Little Treasure preferred peace and quiet. Normally, he would hide away in his room after dinner. Once the servants finished their duties, they were to return to their rooms and not come out; they were not to make a single sound, lest they provoke Little Treasure into throwing a tantrum or going out of control.     

Madam Lu had been worried about Little Treasure before, and had entered his room a few times to offer him some food. The result was Little Treasure locking himself in the attic…     

This was why Little Treasure refused to move in with the two elders even though they loved him so much.     

Yet right now, Little Treasure had actually left his room on his own?     

Not only that, Little Treasure ran directly to Lu Tingxiao and hugged his leg.     

Lu Jingli guffawed. "What’s Little Treasure doing? Does he want something?"     

Already seeing through his son’s intentions, Lu Tingxiao rejected the unspoken request without skipping a beat. "No, you already went there last night."     

Little Treasure then looked at Lu Tingxiao’s cellphone.     

"You already had one phone call at dinner." Lu Tingxiao refused again.     

Watching from the sidelines, Lu Jingli finally understood. So the little guy was missing Ning Xi.     

Little Treasure saw that he wouldn’t be able to get what he wanted from his father, so he ran over to Lu Jingli and also hugged his leg.     

Lu Jingli was overwhelmed and flattered. "No, no, no, baby darling, don’t use this act on me. You know your Second Uncle can’t win against your cuteness!"     

While Little Treasure was normally nearly always impassive, when he wanted something, his expression and mannerisms would turn so adorable, one could just die and come back to life from it.     

Once he looked up at you with those big, beautiful, shiny eyes, you couldn’t help but want to fly into the sky to bring him the stars.     

The only person in the entire household who could resist Little Treasure’s appeal was Lu Tingxiao.     

Lu Jingli threw his hands up in the air. "Little Treasure, acting like this won’t work, I can’t defeat your dad!"     

Hearing this, Little Treasure let go of Lu Jingli.     

A ruthless resolution.     

The little guy looked as if he had been separated from his lover by cold-hearted parents. Lu Jingli laughed so hard he had to use the wall to support himself. "Ah, Little Treasure, you don’t have to be in such a rush. There’s a saying that love lasts longer when lovers are separated since absence makes the heart grow fonder. Wait until your dad marries Auntie Xi, then you can see her everyday!"     

His words had no effect.     

The little guy ran out the door.     

Lu Jingli shrugged. "What do we do now?"     

"He ate a lot tonight," Lu Tingxiao said.     

His words meant that a hunger strike couldn’t be used any time soon as the ultimate threat.     

Lu Jingli relaxed at his brother’s words.     

But they underestimated Little Treasure.     

He was a child, so he didn’t need to scheme big; just one word, ‘havoc’, was enough.     

Right after they were done talking, there was a loud bang from the living room downstairs.     

Lu Jingli and his brother glanced at each other, and they sprinted downstairs.     

In such a short time, the entire living room was already a mess. A big vase, originally as tall as a person, lay shattered on the floor. Anything that could be pushed over or broken had shared the same fate.     

"LU JINGYU!"     

Lu Tingxiao only used Little Treasure’s full name when he was truly angry.     

If even Lu Jingli couldn’t handle that frightening pressure, how could Little Treasure?     

Little Treasure quivered with fear at the sight of his father’s enraged face. He became even more agitated and his emotions ran wild. He started screaming at the top of his lungs and ran around to break more things.     

Lu Jingli immediately chased after him, cautiously aware of how there were so many broken shards on the floor; it would be disastrous if they fell.     

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