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You Are The Big Demon King

You Are The Big Demon King

1CEO Lu was lucky; because it was very late at night, there was no one else in the women’s restroom. He immediately saw that Ning Xi was extremely drunk as she sat on the floor, leaning against a cubicle door.     

She had kicked her high heels off into different directions, and the contents of her bag were spilled across the floor; her hair was hanging messily all over her face. She was a completely different person from when she had left looking flawless.     

A flash of affection flickered in Lu Tingxiao’s gaze as he went over to pick up her bag, and one by one, collected the things that lay on the floor. He then picked up her shoes and put his arm around her waist to support her up.     

Just as he was about to carry her, Ning Xi suddenly grabbed the cubicle door, refusing to let go. She looked alarmed and entirely drunk as she stared at him. "You are…"     

"Lu Tingxiao."     

"Lu Tingxiao…" Ning Xi was entranced at first, and then she abruptly bellowed, "You’re a liar! Do you think I’m stupid! This is the women’s restroom!"     

Was this girl really drunk or pretending to be drunk? She seemed to still have retained some common sense.     

"I’m not lying to you."     

"Liar… I won’t go… I won’t go with you…" Drunk Ning Xi was like a little hedgehog that had been scared by something, fully on guard.     

Ning Xi utterly refused to leave, so Lu Tingxiao could only put down her things and try to coax her. "What do I need to do for you to believe me?"     

"Show me some ID!" Ning Xi looked like a cop inspecting a drunk driver.     

Lu Tingxiao’s lips curved into a smile, and like a good civilian, he took out his leather wallet to retrieve his ID and give it to her.     

Ning Xi held the small card shakily, her eyes practically touching the words as she read, "Lu… Ting… Xiao… you are Lu Tingxiao…"     

Lu Tingxiao nodded his head. "Now can we leave?"     

"I’m not leaving! I won’t go with you! You’re the Big Demon King… won’t go won’t go won’t go…" Ning Xi became even more agitated.     

"Big Demon King…" Lu Tingxiao’s face turned black. So that was how she thought of him. He thought that he had treated her quite warmly.     

The two of them were at a stalemate, when suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps outside.     

"Ning Xi… Ning Xi, are you inside there?"     

Lu Tingxiao froze. If someone were to see him inside the women’s restroom, he would never be able to show his face in the capital again.     

The footsteps drew closer and closer, to the point they would soon be able to see the other person’s clothes. Lu Tingxiao cursed under his breath, then quickly grabbed Ning Xi’s bag and shoes and pulled her past the door she was clinging to.     

The person outside the restroom was the screenwriter, Ye Ling Long.     

Ning Xi was a rookie and didn’t know anyone in the film crew; only Ye Ling Long noticed that she had gone to the restroom and had never come back, so she came looking for her.     

Shocked after being suddenly hustled into the cubicle, Ning Xi tried to struggle out of Lu Tingxiao’s embrace. Ye Ling Long obviously noticed the ruckus inside.     

"Ning Xi, is that you?"     

Hearing the person draw closer, Lu Tingxiao’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. Just at that moment, Ning Xi bit the hand he had over her mouth. It hurt so much that his eyebrows creased together.     

Lu Tingxiao’s expression showed that he was on the verge of collapse. Had he ever been in a more difficult situation?     

After taking a deep breath, Lu Tingxiao spoke in a rough, hoarse voice, "Don’t rush… I’ll give it to you now…"     

Ye Ling Long was about to knock on the door when she suddenly heard a man’s voice. She froze for a moment before understanding the situation, then her face went red as she quickly hurried out.     

Who would have guessed she would run into a couple doing ‘business’ there?     

This was a hotel, so why didn’t they get a room if they wanted to do it? It was really impossible to understand some people’s preferences!     

Apart from that, the women’s restroom was empty; this Ning Xi, just where did she run off to?     

Ye Ling Long never imagined that the female ‘doing business’ in the restroom cubicle was the Ning Xi she was trying to find.     

Hearing the footsteps retreat, Lu Tingxiao breathed out in relief.     

He was sitting on the toilet, and he loosened his tie as the little woman throwing a tantrum sat on his knee. He said coldly, "Stop being so noisy!"     

Or else the act will become real.     

The man’s tone was so terrifying that it stunned Ning Xi, and she started hiccuping, her small face revealing an expression of being wronged.     

After scaring her, Lu Tingxiao helplessly started patting her back as he tried to console her. "Sorry, I shouldn’t have scared you."     

But the person in his arms became even sadder, and tears began to fall from her eyes.     

He felt helpless.     

Why was this girl even harder to take care of than Little Treasure?     

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