Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

My Exes Wanting to Trap Me

My Exes Wanting to Trap Me

2Before anyone could react, the whole filming site had become a red ocean.     0

Ning Xi was holding a card, and her face was black.     

There was one sentence on the card: Remember to pick me up — Evil Fairy King.     

"Miss Ning, please sign for the delivery."     

"This, can I not sign? Leaving it all here would be a nuisance for work!" Ning Xi tried to politely refuse the delivery.     

"Unfortunately no, we promised the customer that we would only leave after you signed for it!" The flower boy looked troubled.     

Beside her, the props manager hastily said, "Ning Xi, accept it, accept it! It just so happens that we need to use roses later for one scene. Thanks to you, we won’t need to spend so much effort preparing them later!"     

Since the props manager had said so, and Ning Xi didn’t want to make things difficult for the delivery boy, she could only rub the skin between her eyebrows and sign for the flowers.     

At this time nearby, everyone was gossiping with admiring faces.     

"Oh my god! So many roses! So romantic! Who sent them?"     

"Still need to ask? It must be an admirer! Beauties are really treated differently, someone already sent flowers on the first day! And hundreds of them!"     

Ning Xueluo’s assistant, Cui Caijing, then said in a seemingly casual way, "It looks like a lot, but actually doesn’t cost that much!"     

Right after she spoke, yet another person suddenly came over looking for Ning Xi.     

It wasn’t anything elaborate this time; the person carefully handed her a small box.     

Everyone was insanely curious as they stole looks at the box, trying to figure out what it was.     

Ning Xi opened the box with a suspicious expression. Inside was a large, sparkling diamond, with a note that had four words on it: Long time no see. It was signed: YS.     

Seeing these two initials, Ning Xi’s face grew blacker.     

F***! Did these two arrange this together? She just wanted to keep her head down, why did it have to be so hard?     

Ning Xi had received both the flowers and the diamond before half the day was over. The drama crew was already gossiping like mad.     

"Oh my god! That diamond is crazy big! It’s so bright, I’m going to go blind!"     

"Ning Xi’s admirers are crazy!"     

This time, Cui Caijing had nothing to say, but still whispered waspishly, "Who knows whether the diamond is real or not anyway?"     

Ning Xi sat down heavily in a chair, and looked as if her life was ending.     

What was supposed to come, would come…     

There was nowhere to hide…     

There was no helping it, Ning Xi could only apologize to the director. "I’m sorry, Director Guo, I didn’t mean to trouble the crew…"     

Guo Qisheng did not mind, and smiled as he waved his hands. "It’s natural for a fair lady to have admirers! It’s alright, it’s alright, we’re going to use your flowers after all."     

Not far away, Ning Xueluo looked calm, but was in fact gnashing her teeth so hard in hatred she almost broke them.     

How could she not be jealous? This country bumpkin who had been like dirt then could now make men mad for her, and could easily obtain the things that Xueluo had to scheme so much for.     

Before filming for the next scene started, Ning Xi found a corner to make a quick phone call.     

"Hey honey, did you receive my delivery yet?" The voice on the phone was easygoing.     

"Jiang Muye! F*** your uncle! You did this on purpose, didn’t you?" Compared with the voice, Ning Xi sounded much angrier.     

"Tut-tut, you are the first one to receive my roses, yet you don't want to f*** me but my uncle instead! You have such bad taste."     

"Don’t try to change the topic! What do you really want?"     

"I don’t want anything, I’m just reminding you to pick me up at the airport. You promised me already!"     

"You still dare ask me to pick you up? You’re not afraid I’ll bring a 40-meter long knife with me to chop you to death?" Ning Xi suppressed her desire to kill this person.     

"Are you backing out on your promise?" The voice on the phone turned cold.     

"The condition for picking you up was that you would lend me eight million, but now I don’t need it anymore. Didn’t I already send a message to tell you?"     

"I don’t care, you already promised me. Even though you don’t need the money anymore, I agreed to help as soon as you asked, and it was for such a big amount. I was sincere. You hate to owe people favors, right? Doesn’t this count as a favor?"     

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