Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

That Youth No Longer Exists

That Youth No Longer Exists


To this day, there were still people who would joke about how Ning Yaohua’s daughter had drunk the lemon water meant for washing hands, and how she had worn counterfeit clothes to a banquet. If people were to find out about the incident from back then, would he still have any pride left? 3

At Ning Yaohua’s words, Ning Xi went pale.

That night, that stranger, that dead baby…

This was her weakness.

That year, the Ning family had hushed up everything for fear of the shame, and Ning Xueluo kept quiet for fear of being exposed herself, but that was still Ning Xi’s darkest nightmare.

"I’m giving you face letting you leave on your own terms, but if you refuse to, then don’t blame me for not acknowledging our father-daughter relationship."

"Oh, so there’s actually still a father-daughter relationship between us…"

"Dad, Xiao Xi… what’s going on?" Ning Xueluo’s astonished voice came from behind them.

Noticing Ning Xueluo, Ning Yaohua immediately switched to a loving expression. "Nothing for you to worry about. When you go back later, ask your company if they can find a better second female lead.

The meaning behind his words being that Ning Xi should be replaced.

Ning Xueluo was pleased, but put on a nervous face. "Dad, why? The role of second female lead has already been given to Xiao Xi ah!"

"It’s good enough if she can do small roles and cameos, but how can she possibly play such an important role? I didn’t invest 30 million yuan into this drama for her to fool around!"

"But dad, Xiao Xi put in a lot of effort to get the role…"

"Xueluo, don’t defend her anymore. I’ve told you before not to help her, but you never listen! You still actually complimented her in front of the reporters! Does she even deserve all that praise?"

"But Xiao Xi is still your…"

"Be quiet, such things must never ever be mentioned. I’ve already said it before, you are my only daughter!"

"Dad, don’t be mad. I won’t say anything else, alright?"

"I still have business to attend to, so I’m leaving first. When you have time, help me persuade her to stop being stubborn!" Ning Yaohua gave Ning Xi one last cold look that told her to behave herself before turning around to leave.

After Ning Yaohua left, Ning Xueluo’s sweet and obedient expression changed, as she said innocently, "Ning Xi, don’t say this time that I wanted to make things hard for you. Originally, I was going to give you a chance. What a pity…"

"Ha…" Ning Xi couldn’t help but laugh, but it was a sorrowful sound.

Who could possibly have guessed that in the end, the person to destroy all her efforts and throw her back into the dust would be her own father.

She had worked hard for so long, devoted herself to preparing for the role, but for what?

Just like that, everything was gone…

When the opening ceremony ended, it was a little past eleven.

Looks like it’s true that it’s easy to get drunk when you’re upset.

Ning Xi felt that she hadn’t drunk that much that night, but when she got up, she was unsteady and her head throbbed painfully.

So of course it was right at this moment that she saw the one person who would make her feel even worse…

Su Yan…

Beside her, the cast and crew, especially the ladies, were loudly expressing their surprise when they saw the person approaching.

"Ah! It’s Young Master Su! He’s so handsome! He’s actually a hundred times better looking in person than what rumors say!"

"He must be here to pick Ning Xueluo up! I’m so jealous, she has a great acting career, comes from such a good family, and her boyfriend is so handsome! As expected of the Winner at Life!"

"These types of people were already winners since they were born, we don’t even have the right to be envious!"

Ning Xi used the wall as support, her gaze frozen on the man walking towards Ning Xueluo.

The Su family had done well in recent years. Su Yan’s status was like a boat on a high tidal wave, while Ning Xi was a faded shadow of his past.

The boy back then who had been convalescing in the countryside due to his lung illness, who had become her warm and gentle Brother Yan who would always read to her — that boy had already died with the passing of time.

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