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A Little Young Master Who Likes To Make Fruit Juice

A Little Young Master Who Likes To Make Fruit Juice


Ning Xi clutched her forehead and paced back and forth. "I won’t talk about how you sent flowers to trap me now, but you know that the news about you coming back next month has already been leaked; your fans and the media will all be at the airport! You want me to pick you up? You want them to tear me apart? Jiang Muye, I dumped you once and you want to take revenge just for that?" 3

"Do I? I’m giving you a free pass to become famous, so many small stars pray for this kind of opportunity and can’t get it."


"Fine! If you don’t come, I’m going to let the whole world know that you dumped me! I don’t care that I’ll lose face, I want everyone to carry out justice for me!" The man on the line said, like he couldn’t care less anymore.

"You…" Ning Xi was so angry that she felt her lungs would explode. The most stupid thing she had ever done in her life was to provoke the disaster known as Jiang Muye.

Small one, you think I don’t know how to deal with you?

Ning Xi smiled with contempt. "Fine, pick you up, right? I’ll be there! Don’t regret it then!"

Actually, it wasn’t difficult to deal with Jiang Muye. He was just unhappy about being dumped by a girl for the first time, so he just wanted to make some trouble for her — he would stop once he was satisfied. Her biggest headache was the devil who had sent the diamond.

Forget it, forget it, she didn’t care anymore. There is always a solution to a problem!

"Ning Xi, someone’s looking for you — "

As soon as she was done, Ning Xi heard the production assistant Xiao Li calling for her, which made her really want to run away.

Who was it this time?

It still wasn’t over!

Everyone in the crew was excited. Was it going to be something even more elaborate this time?

In one corner, Cui Caijing’s expression was one of disdain. "These tacky old men only know how to waste money! So low!"

"Miss Xiao Xi, he… hello!" It was a timid girl this time. She looked unhappy and nervous, as if she had done something wrong.

In front of a girl like this, Ning Xi couldn’t be angry even if she wanted to. "It’s okay. You were looking for me?"

"I’m here to give you something." The girl opened what looked like a white cooler box. As cool vapor poured out of the box, Ning Xi saw three bottles that looked like they contained red, yellow and green fruit juices.

"This is…?" Ning Xi’s lips twitched a little. She had watched a lot of palace dramas, and her first reaction was that someone wanted to poison her.

"This was personally made by our Little Young Master. This is watermelon juice, orange juice and green bean juice," the girl replied.

"Who is your Little Young Master?" Ning Xi asked suspiciously, trying to recall whether she had offended a little young master who likes to make fruit juice.

The girl indicated she should read the note on the bottle.

Taking the note off, Ning Xi saw just one English word written on it: fighting, followed by a drawing of a heart.

Ning Xi could imagine how the other party must have blushed and pursed his lips when drawing the heart.

"It’s Little Treasure…" In an instant, the look in Ning Xi’s eyes turned soft, and her turbulent mood immediately calmed.

At first, she had been most worried about having too high a profile when starting her career, which could stir up unnecessary trouble and gossip.

But now, when she thought about it, why should she care so much about the opinions of people who cared nothing for her? If she constantly worried about what people thought of her in this industry, wouldn’t that just be too exhausting?

Back then, it was because she cared too much about what those contemptuous class elites thought of her, about her parents’ attitude and Su Yan’s thoughts, that she gradually lost her confidence and her own identity…

She already understood this, yet had let one instance like this shake her.

She just needed to be herself and keep a clear conscience, and one day, she would prove herself using her own strength.

She was fighting only for the people who cared about her.

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