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Red Roses Everywhere

Red Roses Everywhere

2Filming started today in a studio backlot on the outskirts of the city.     

The first scene to be shot was the palace banquet, where the Emperor was receiving visiting envoys. Seventh Prince Chu Beichen and his consort Shangguang Yingrong were engaged in a battle of wits with the envoys. Ning Xi’s character Princess De only had a minor role in the scene; she only needed to act as an enchanting ornament sitting beside the Emperor.     

Even so, for just a small role, wearing so many layers of the traditional dress on such a hot day was a real pain.     

It didn’t help that Ning Xi’s costume was extremely complicated. Her clothes weren’t just the thickest, her headpiece itself also weighed several kilograms.     

After one shot, she was drenched in sweat inside her costume, though no one could tell.     

The director yelled, "Cut." Ning Xueluo’s two assistants came up to her straightaway. One gave her a hand fan and the other a bottle of water. A cooling mat had already been arranged for her on her chair.     

Ning Xi didn’t even have one assistant; she didn’t even get to drink any water after filming. She had another scene later, so she couldn’t take the costume off yet. She could only undo her collar to cool off.     

Everyone was praising Ning Xueluo’s acting, and the director also complimented her performance. However, he turned back to the camera to review Ning Xi’s scenes.     

Although she had no lines and only appeared a few times, her expression was on point; she looked idle and bored, yet also carried an air of contempt for the people around her, since she was preparing to destroy the country with her own two hands.     

Good, he wasn’t concerned anymore.     

At this time, the production assistant Xiao Li shouted excitedly, "Teacher Ning, your boyfriend is here to visit you!"     

Of course, by "Teacher Ning" he meant Ning Xueluo.     

Dressed in a refreshingly casual style, Su Yan walked over, and behind him two of his men followed with a large box filled with ice cream for everyone.     

"Wow! It’s Haagen-Dazs! Thank you for the treat, Master Su!"     

"Teacher Ning is so blessed, her boyfriend came to visit on the first day!"     

"Oh my god! They are so lovey-dovey!"     


"Why are your mouths still flapping when you’re eating!" Ning Xueluo pouted. She then took some ice cream over to Ning Xi.     

"Junior Sister Ning, have some!"     

"Thank you." Ning Xi accepted it politely.     

This woman never got tired of pretending to be an angel in front of other people, especially when Su Yan was around, whereas Ning Xi was tired just watching her. It was a good thing her specialty was acting, so she didn’t mind playing along.     

After she returned to her seat, Ning Xueluo looked at Su Yan. It seemed like she had something to say, but was unsure whether to say it or not. She eventually said hesitantly, "Brother Yan, I’m a little worried about Xiao Xi…"     

"Why? What’s wrong with Xiao Xi?" Su Yan asked immediately.     

"You know how last night was the opening ceremony? My dad also came, and he saw Xiao Xi there. I don’t know what Xiao Xi said to him that made him so angry. He even talked about switching out the actress for her role…"     

"How did it turn out like that?" Su Yan frowned.     

"I don’t know either. When I went over, all I saw was Dad’s angry face!"     

"Then what happened? It seems that Xiao Xi was not switched out?" Su Yan glanced at Ning Xi. Despite the sweat running down her face, she was reading the script attentively. Her small face looked pitiful under the sun, but it was still eye-catching.     

Ning Xueluo seemed reluctant to continue speaking. "Dad called the production team last night, and they promised they would use someone else, but this morning, someone anonymous suddenly invested fifty million yuan into the movie, with the only condition being that the second female lead has to be Ning Xi… I’m worried that…"     

Su Yan’s face had grown darker as he listened, and eventually he said heavily, "I know Xiao Xi. She would never do that kind of thing."     

"Brother Yan, you are too naïve. What kind of place is the entertainment industry? Who wouldn’t change after entering this industry? I am so lucky that I have Dad and you to support me, but Ning Xi does not have a good relationship with the family and refuses to accept our help. Don’t tell me you don’t know what happens to a pretty girl with no power or influence in the entertainment industry?"     

Su Yan’s face grew more blank as he listened, and he looked lost in thought.     

"Ning Xi, someone is looking for you!" The production assistant yelled then, his voice sounding very excited.     

In that moment, everyone turned to look.     

Because it was too eye-catching.     

Red roses…     

Hundreds of red roses were being slowly brought in…     

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