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You Really Have Sharp Eyes!

You Really Have Sharp Eyes!

0Director Guo had an expectant look on his face after he finished speaking.     

Naturally, the reporters turned to look in the direction Director Guo indicated, and were all stunned silly.     

Ning Xi was wearing a magenta dress made of lace today. The cut of the dress perfectly emphasized her mesmerizing waistline, and the neckline exposed her elegant collarbone. The color was even harder to pull off than pure red. Although the design was exquisite, the dress would only look tacky or even scary on most people.     

But the dress looked as if it had been made just for Ning Xi — it made her so beautiful, she dazzled everyone.     

Ning Xi had personally felt that she couldn’t pull off the dress when the stylist had picked it out for her, and she had only been convinced after she put it on.     

As expected of Glory World’s Godly Hand, his eyes were just too keen. Just one look at her and he already knew her better than she knew herself.     

Although it was Ning Xi’s first time at this type of event, she was, after all, an actress. She had taken on various roles and personas, which naturally included celebrities, so walking the red carpet was not difficult at all.     

Each step, each smile, and her every action was just right. She found the best camera angles, and gave the perfect expression.     

The reporters froze for a far longer time than Director Guo had before they came back to their senses.     

This… this was the actress for Meng Changge, Ning Xi?     

A no-name rookie with no experience worth mentioning?     

This… isn’t she too beautiful?!     

There were no words that could describe her, she was simply stunning!     

Just a moment ago, they had actually tried to push Director Guo into declaring who was the bigger beauty between Jia Qingqing and Ning Xi. No wonder Director Guo’s expression hadn’t seem right, they now realized how ridiculous their question was.     

Before an unparalleled beauty like Ning Xi, even an attractive celebrity like Jia Qingqing was practically just another face in the crowd.     

Ning Xi posed for the cameras in the middle of the red carpet, before turning around to pick up a pen from the tray to sign her name on the wall.     

Her turning around caused another wave of gasps and the sound of camera shutters.     

The dress was designed to be backless; when the stylist had chosen it, the aspect had factored heavily into his decision.     

Ning Xi’s shoulder blades were too perfect; one could say that they were the sexiest part of her body, and it would be a real waste to cover them.     

Female celebrities who walked the red carpet tended to especially reveal cleavage to attract attention, but Ning Xi had taken an alternate route, elevating her far above the rest.     

After burning through countless rolls of film, it was time for the interview.     

The reporters today were very pitiful.     

They had initially prepared questions like: "Do you think your looks are good enough for the role of a vixen like Meng Changge?", "Who do you think is prettier, you or Jia Qingqing?", "Rumor has it that you received the role through unofficial channels, what was the reason for it?"…     

Now they couldn’t use any of those questions…     

Anyone who wasn’t blind could tell that nothing had happened behind the scenes — her face was convincing enough.     

She was the most suitable person for the role of Meng Changge.     

The reporters started asking questions.     

"Miss Ning, if I may ask, the dress you’re wearing is a Karl Lagerfeld design, is it a custom piece?"     

Ning Xi froze.     

This dress was designed by Karl Lagerfeld?     

She had actually casually put on a dress worth millions?     

Demon King Lu, can you not be so devious!     

But what was even more terrifying was still to come, when the same reporter then asked, "Miss Ning, was this outfit styled by Arthur?"     

You can even see that?     

You really have sharp eyes!     

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